Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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KokichiOuma Feb 18, 2018

No offence I don’t like Kirito since I see no character development in him

Allyboi2408 Jan 31, 2018

all time madman

Ech0ez Jan 11, 2018

He was too powerful to be a main character.I mean he can't get up when Asuna's getting raped, but than he randomly gets up and 'kills' the guy.

clankfandom100 Dec 6, 2017

Choose a girl and stick to her, jfc you already have too many girls in your harem.

CoffeeVampire Nov 9, 2017

Goes from an awkward and insular loner at the beginning of SAO, to rushing over to a strangers house in GGO and busting in to defend them. He gives everything to protect those he loves and cares for, yet he gets so many hating on him =(