Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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Kiwi1994 Aug 26, 2018

Ok I think I got it, the top ranking is a joke.

Semiya1 Aug 4, 2018

Cute, kind of dumb, yet I have a man crush on him

Tsurukame Aug 2, 2018

gary stu alert

JasonUltimate Jul 8, 2018

Okay, I’m leaving this for anyone wondering why people seem to hate him.

Here's a few reasons why.

1. He has no development. From day 1, he’s a cocky arrogant loner. By the end of SAO, he’s a cocky arrogant loner who refuses to admit his personal connections to people. He never develops in personality, he always acts the same, save for the occasional rage fit. This makes him seem really boring. The closest he gets to having development is in the episode "return" where instead of just getting angry about the problem, he gets emotional... and cries... a lot... It seems like a sudden change from out of nowhere to his character, all of a sudden this supposed badass that we've seen for 12 episodes already is now a sobbing emotional wreck at the drop of a hat it seems. Then the next episode we're right back at square one. What was even the point of that?

2. He’s extremely overrated. Seriously, #9 on the favorite anime characters of all time?! He outranks Guts, Goku, Joseph Joestar, Natsu, Saitama, and Yami Yugi. I don’t quite think the teenage self-insert deserves to be THAT high. I could see maybe top 100, but not top 10 or even 25. There’s a reason he’s approaching top 50 most hated despite being in the top 10 most loved characters currently.

3. He doesn’t have much personality. He’s a cocky arrogant loner who fights for those he cares for.... and that’s about it. As I said, he’s a self-insert character. He’s supposed to be someone you can put yourself in as a substitute so he seems more relatable, but it only makes him seem like a boring person with no personality. If you look at his main character page under tags, which would usually somewhat describe the personality of the character, it ONLY lists facts. Things like "Person in Strange World", "Swordfighter", "Warrior", and "Teenager". Those are the only things under his tags, and that doesn’t say much about him as a person.

This is coming from someone who actually liked SAO, but Kirito REALLY doesn’t deserve to be this high up. He’s not that great of a character. If anything, I’d say give it to the true Black Swordsman, Guts.

infridin Jun 18, 2018

Kurwito plz