Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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MG20010604 Mar 27, 2022

light novel kirito is better most anime characters easy

AnonymousFan2019 Mar 27, 2022

To be honest I hated this character at first, but then I continue to watch the show, and he grew on me. He reminds me of myself a lot. I like how he doesn't simp nor is dense as a brick. He acknowledged people's feeling like Lisbeth when she was going to confess to him. I enjoy overpowered a lot because of how independent they are.

Another thing that I like about this character is how emotional he is. I am a very emotional person so for me I can relate to this character. His ego is really amusing on how cocky he is and thinks that only he can do this and that, which brought me to another point how much of a douche he can be to people. Like when he time to time punches Klein or pull Sinon's tail for disagreeing with him. I loathe his harem, and I think it's cringe, especially in the game verses.

But the most important reason why I like this character is how regretful he is. I have regretted a ton of things in my life, and I wish I can go back in time to change those things, and he is just like that. He regrets a lot of things that he has done and blames himself why those things happen, which makes me relate to him more and sympathise with him because I know the exact feeling of it.

Overall, I really think he's misunderstood, or no one really pays attention to him. I think he's hated for wrong reasons, etc.

66Jesgre Mar 21, 2022

Kirito is one of my top 5 favorite isekai protagonists.

I3Iank Mar 17, 2022

Calling the haters dumb simply because they hate a character that you like makes you the dumb one here