Aka: Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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Xuangui Nov 23, 2019

To me he will be a cheater and not a beater like the others said. He takes pride in what he is doing and also thinks he is the best at everything he does but this comes due to exploit mechanics of the game. You ask why i am so sure? Did you ever see him level in the entire first season?

I didn´t. Except a few times where he fights with friends.

To me he is a blender, cheater, good-for-nothing joke of a hero.

Metalblade94 Nov 7, 2019

Meh I've seen better protagonists then him but he isn't that bad compared to Inaho kaizuka and Tatsuya shiba

CrimsonCondor Sep 11, 2019

They are definitely suitable to this show's narrative and dynamic, but they are bad characters from a critical standpoint. Kirito is overpowered, and he is very similar to many characters which came before him. Asuna is obsessed with Kirito, and people like to call this infatuation "love" when it is truly the opposite. She was intriguing at first, but she was quickly consumed by this, making her lose any unique traits she had. Kayaba was a terrible villain, as they barely expanded on his character and never described his motives fully. He had no other baggage besides his desire to dominate a self-cultivated world (for unexplained reasons), making his story fall flat. Therefore, with all respect, your statement is incorrect.

Comblekane Sep 5, 2019

I like Kirito, Azuna, and Kaiba because of Something Witty Entertainment and they made these characters the best that they could be in any anime in my opinion.

blackpinklisa Aug 28, 2019

Too overrated, boring and plain.