Aka: Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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MelancholyMoon Feb 21, 2019

He is in my top hated list! He have no fucking character, once he is OP, then he is big pussy. Also in my opinion, he do not respect Asuna when he flirts with other girls this guy don't deserve her and don't deserve fucking top #9 best characters this is bullshit.

dragonlife32 Jan 22, 2019

Guts is the true black swordsman. period.

Sharkfinmai23 Nov 11, 2018

F*ck this b*tch! Gary Stu for sure! I'm comment for this guy why people could hated him who beomes unoriginal "Black Swordsman"

1) Kirito started out fairly interesting. But the fact that he got his powers from Asuna, Klein and Yui already ruins the premise of the mediocre/good show. A boy born without a power, then gets a power out of the blues because he is too perfect looks-alike Gary Stu. And that's what I hate about Alfheim Online arc. I want to see him thrive inside a society that is so dependant on the value of having action powers, without actually having it. What he did to save Asuna was a starting point and had a lot of potential because he was nothing flaws personality, but then it got destroyed in a flash when he was too much generic, stupid and poorly overpowered character enough. It became so corny after that. His emotion is also fake and stupid. I want to punch him who is so much generic and dumb MC!

2) Kirito is obviously overrated and annoying overpowered characters for me! Why the fuck he's just ranked #9 on the favorite anime characters of all time?!?! Seriously? He outranks my favorite characters by Izuku Midoriya, Shouto Todoroki, Souma Yukihira, Okabe Rintaro, Kurisu Makise and Rias Gremory. I don't think his ranking quick to jumped ranked high. I could see maybe a least top 500, but also not top 10 or 50 damm. There reasons to why people ranked top 50 most hated but he also top 10 best characters of all times currently.

The real "Black Swordsman" is Guts from Berserk, not Kirito! Please kill me!

Just have some daddy Edward lol.

TsumiMitzuki Nov 6, 2018


He gets all the girls,has no personality,a self-insert dream of the writer.