Aka: Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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Cremebrulle Sep 20, 2020

Can't believe this plain main character is more popular then badasses Erza and Roy

56yu89i Sep 1, 2020

why is he know by anyone ive meet as the worst character but here hes one of the most liked

Lorenz514 Sep 1, 2020

People may hate him, but I still think he's the ultimate anime protagonist.

Carrot454 Aug 25, 2020

eu acho o kirito legal ele e um dos meus personagens favoritos e muito triste ver que tem pessoas que odeiam ele

FARDINGHOST Aug 22, 2020

Kirito gets so much hate because he also gets so much love and there are people who can't stand to see someone they don't like getting so much love so they spread hate and talk about him not being a character with a good personality and him being OP and having a harem...having a harem means him also being all over the girls but as you can see he only loves asuna,him caring about his friends doesn't make it a harem.

He may not be the best but he is definitely one of the BEST characters in the anime world!