Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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OsumarefromMAL Apr 12, 2021

Um, no, we don't hate Kirito because "he is not "d**k" who only thinks about his own feelings". We hate him because his character is without any real impactful flaws or realistic qualities (the ones written for him to be in situations where he looks good in front of his waifus don't count) and is essentially a stock character for viewers to self-insert as instead of being an actual character. Which is bad because the writing in SAO is nowhere good enough to pull having the protagonist be a self-insert character for the purpose of the viewers to self-insert themselves into. And the only reason why Kirito doesn't spend 10 minutes while an enemy is lurking like Naruto does is because talking for that long would mean Kiritio would have a distinct character trait, which goes against the obvious purpose of his character being a fantasy self-insert for the male audience.

ArudaSenpai Apr 11, 2021

People hate him because he is not "d**k" who only thinks about his own feelings. So many people call him a robot or dumb, but what did you expect on the show? He fights for the people he cares about, that is freakin all. Oh, I don't like harem either, but I think you guys are overreacting because he doesn't talk like the other dumbasses that talk like a 10 minute in the show. He deserves the love gets, and always will.

OsumarefromMAL Apr 3, 2021

Gary-Stu joke of a character that 97% of his fans clearly only like because since his appearance and personality are not distinct outside of when he's a knight in shining armor to look good in front of his 289312893 waifus that fawn over him despite not really having real good reasons to be willing to fight other love-obsessed girls for him, it is easy for said fans to self-insert themselves as him so they can pretend they're the one being intimate with Asuna and the harem bait. Overpowered and written like some DeviantArt user from 2008's edgy cool OC, which is fitting since SAO in general feels like a DeviantArt user's fanime story from the late 2000s. In conclusion, Kirito is trash and as a character is the perfect representation of everything wrong with this franchise, its fanbase, and how many equally bad (and in some cases worse such as in Asterisk War) ripoffs it inspired.

kanekistoenail Mar 21, 2021

why is he in the most hated list? i like kirito :(

Chiibi Mar 14, 2021

You all don't like him cause you're jealous. xD