Aka: Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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verygentlecriminal May 27, 2020

great in the 1st season becase he was cool, but after that they went way to overboard on the modern and emotional shonen charactor, i mean 4 episodes of his and everyone elses traumatic experiences almost put me of of the anime all to gether and it showed his romantic cluenessness way to much when he led osuna on in seson 2.

ShiratoriSarashiki May 27, 2020

kirito im sorry u have so many haters

but dont worry i will always love you <3

xSheDevilx May 27, 2020

He's a boring character. He's one of those tropes where they start off overpowered or strong and basically every girl falls for him. Like a previous user said, even his sister-cousin. What the hell. No no no.


Strbastian May 11, 2020

Ahhh yes Jesus-kun