Aka: Black Swordsman, Kazuto KIRIGAYA, Kito

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sasukesreincarnation Oct 9, 2021

He is too overpowered and has a harem for absolutely no reason at all plus he is an extremely boring character who drags down what could have been an interesting setting if not for him being basically invincible just for the sake of it. He's Saitama without personality or humor.

trulyrille Oct 9, 2021

MG20010604 you blocked me? :[

MG20010604 Oct 8, 2021

you are much worse then kirito and annoying too lol

trulyrille Oct 3, 2021

I really hate kirito,and the whole show in general.It was really disappointing and cheesy.I can't believe that a character like him made it to the top characters list :(

galpal Oct 3, 2021

Kirito isn't a great character but he's kindhearted brave and won't think twice about helping others why all the hate?