Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #2,907
Rank #2,914

Anime Roles

Mobile Suit Gundam Evolve Secondary Non-Speaking Role
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED: After Phase: In the Valley of Stars Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Character Theater Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Final Plus: The Chosen Future Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition III: The Hell Fire of Destiny Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition II: Respective Swords Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition I: The Broken World Secondary
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny Special Edition IV: The Cost of Freedom Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie III: The Rumbling Sky Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie II: The Far-Away Dawn Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie I: The Empty Battlefield Main

Manga Roles

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Main
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray Minor
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed (Light Novel) Main

Related Characters

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Lessermook May 17, 2022

Dude should've been mentored by Mu in the ways of combat, kid knew how to pilot a suit but dealing with a combat situation is as much mental as it is physical;

And Mu was a veteran, NO REASON why Kira didn't have Mu as a mentor.

Fucking waste.

Kira in the Strike was peak Kira Yamato, 

little homie had to figure shit out, re-write the OS and shit (my favorite thing about him was that computer shit); Adapt to situations, use his brains, be clever instead of just brute force & newtype shit, and only had SEED come in handy when he needed it.

  • Not turning it on like a lightswitch, cheapening the impact of it.

He gets Freedom and he's just Superman now lol. The Extended boys gave him some trouble, but even with all of them, he was never in any danger, lame.

  • Which is another problem, he had no real rivals. Shinn was never a problem until the plot said it was time for them to fight. Since then or until that point, not one regular Murasume or Gouf pilot (male or female, don't give a shit) gave Kira any problems, not even a hint of a Ace to challenge Kira. WASTE.
  • Til this day, my favorite part of Unicorn is that nameless Stark Jegan pilot vs Marida, yes, he died but man he gave his all and Marida had to try a little harder cause he was going to take it lying down. RESPECT. That was a good fight.
  • THAT SHOULD'VE BEEN Kira, or hell even Heine should've been the one to be that guy to give Kira some struggle, anything man..

Then comes SEED Destiny, he's just invincible goddammit. After 2 years, not even a bit rusty after sitting on his bum, chilling.

Episode 23, he just shows up & fucks everyone up and leaves lol.

Athrun keeps posing the most logical argument in the show "Stop fucking shit up, and just take Cagalli to ORB to get ORB out of the fight"

  • take Cagalli to ORB

He says like 4 times, Kira in all his wisdom responds, always with: "I hear what you're saying but-"

Bitch can never be wrong, never lose.

Then when Shinn cuts down Freedom; Ofc it wasn't LEGIT, cause Kira was "conflicted" sure you were nigga. Slicing up ZAFT grunts before, Shinn shows up, now you're confused. Lmfao

To fix this nigga would require re-writing SEED, period. But as far as SEED Destiny goes: 

  • Take Cagalli to ORB
  • Have Yamato join ORB Forces as Commander (so this idiot can be put to fucking work)
  • And put his ass in a Mursume (Freedom would be exhausted from Shinn fight, the fight would be tie but Kira ultimately runs away because Shinn is a goddamn animal) He gives Freedom back to Lacus to renovate it into X20A per his specifications (That way, we know where Strike Freedom comes from)

UNTIL THEN, his ass is in a shitty Murasume, with Lt. Baba training some rookies in the way of aerial combat. And who better to teach the upstarts than the fucking FREEDOM pilot.

  • Kira would realize all this time he was using Freedom as a crutch, and he has to readjust to his humble "Strike Gundam" roots, to make Murasume his new home-

He can even face Shinn's Destiny in the Murasume, almost dying in the process, ALOT of his own men get slaughtered but with some tactical manuevers they make it out alive, barely. 

Then when he gets Freedom back, it's go time.  But we see this nigga struggle, and out his comfort zones which are the Freedoms womb & Arcangels bosom

ffs, Amuro piloted so many suits, even Loran (good kid) was technically roped into the militia but he still wore the stripes and kicked ass in the Militia's name. He commited and got shit done.

  • Piloted a humble Flat when Turn A was out of reach

Even Bellri piloted a Recten, a Zaku type, and even G Arcane when G Self was out of reach.

Kira's problem is he is way too comfortable, too much goes his way.

But that's all that's necessary to fix him: Humble him, get him out the Freedom, characterize him by giving him some responsibility and commit him to something.

So simple it's not even funny. This one character was the biggest burden to Gundam SEED Destiny; Cause as soon as he shows up at the end of Episode 22- ALL DOWNHILL for Shinn, Athrun, the script, everything.

Shinn just gets booted from Main character spot, not even funny.

Tempoy Mar 9, 2022

Kids loves Flay. kira kiss Flay and had sex with Flay People and  that's why I HATE Gundam Seed he's Fake.

TriforceSheikah16 Oct 8, 2019

You know, I don't actually hate this guy. He was actually a pretty well-developed character in SEED when he struggled with trying to adhere to his pacifist philosophy while still finding the strength to fight. Sure he wasn't as developed in SEED Destiny, but that show's writing wasn't too good to begin with.

janememe Feb 24, 2019

He deserve to die die bracuase he never loves lacus he loves flay.

janememe Dec 6, 2018

People Kira never Loves Lacus. He kiss and have sex with Flay and cry over her death.

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