Gender: ?
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #1,721
Rank #16,611

Anime Roles

Dengeki Bunko 2007 Movie Festival Special Main
Kino's Journey Main
Kino's Journey: Byouki no Kuni -For You- Main
Kino's Journey: Life Goes On Main
Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series Main
Kino's Journey -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series: On Your Way Main
Kino's Journey: Tower Country Main

Manga Roles

Gakuen Kino Main
Gakuen Kino (Light Novel) Main
Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World Main
Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World (Gou) Main
Kino's Journey: The Beautiful World (Light Novel) Main

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Riobae Jan 28, 2024

Kino is goated who gaf if they're a woman or a man or non binary

JigenDaisuke Oct 19, 2023

Kino is based and yall commenters need better hobbies lmao

Rascal Sep 17, 2023

years later. still a girl. still a great female character. still mistagged.


Saturnic Jul 4, 2023

Who's the deluded freak who defaced this page with their idiotic, false headcanon tags? The tags are intended to be a utility to help users find characters with similar traits, not to confusticate them with flagrant lies just to satiate the tagger's fetishistic agenda.

Evidently, someone needs to have their moderator position removed. If they can't be trusted to not abuse the functions of the website for the sake of their own machinations, then they can't be trusted with anything.

Bunille Dec 6, 2022

Yeah as others have around about said, Kino just exists. She's not a stereotype of anything. You almost never hear people call you by pronouns so it makes no sense. That and if you take offense to "misgendering" in the first place, it kind of proves you're not what you think you are. No girl is offended if they're called a boy, intentionally or mistakenly, for example, unless it's derogatory such as "sissy". Also just because you're fine with being called whatever (because it really doesn't mean anything) doesn't mean you're NB or LGBT. All that means is that you're comfortable with people calling you a cactus, a spaceship, a backpack etc. because again, whatever - what you say doesn't change facts and reality. Kino DOES NOT want to be labeled... that's kind of the whole point. And just because someone "doesn't care" does not mean you fix a label onto them that's just untrue. NB in the west basically means someone who follows both/neither stereotype... which just means you're a human, shocking, I know. But this isn't the west IRL. Kino doesn't care to pay any attention to all of this nonsense lol.

If she never met the other Kino, it probably would've been an entirely different life altogether. All of this, hence the name, is just out of admiration.

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