Aka: Hario HARIMA, Whiskers

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brokensaint058 May 21, 2017

This guy never gets a break in his life. Though you have to hand it to Harima, his determination is to be admired by everyone.

Kenjin Mar 12, 2017

He is cool character, but he is too much obsessed of Tenma. It always irritates me that he don't notice such a good girls as Eri or Yakumo, either of them woul be better choise for him than Tenma. 

Blackymon Dec 7, 2016

i honestley think Eri and Harima should be a thing.

Alquds98 Aug 6, 2016

Take Eri brother she has plenty of both assets if you know what I mean.

Justice4harima Oct 27, 2015

He is so determined in his love for the Thick headed Tenma. He may be a delinquent but he is kind hearted and a good person. He is also misunderstood.