Aka: Centipede, Eyepatch, Kanemoto

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CrimsonCondor Aug 26, 2019


Levi is not overrated. He deserves all of the love he receives --- the real problem is why people love him. Most Levi fans just like him for shallow reasons, like his strength, mysterious nature, and appearance. He is a very well-written and consistent character, but the fandom makes it hard for many people to be partial to him. Kaneki is poorly constructed, but I don't dislike him because his general layout had a ton of potential. 

lyaaxh Jul 21, 2019

honestly, this character would be 100% perfect if it wasn't for the fact that he dramatically drops crying every 5 minutes in the 5 first episodes (i haven't watched the whole thing yet so idk if he keeps doing it in the following episodes)

cpin Jun 4, 2019

 Anime is Trash. 

Chamality Jun 4, 2019

@Rainbow your username made me laugh so much I cried. Thank you

Istro May 5, 2019

@Rainbow Grow up. He isn't overated in the least, he's a well written character even though the Adaptation ruined him. Overrated would be someone like Levi for example.