Gender: Female
Hair Color: Magenta
Rank #5,316
Rank #805
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triggerbot Feb 9, 2024

 annoying useless bitch, huge rack with a whiny attitude.

Usagi01 Jan 19, 2022

frequently-naked, teenager? Yeah those two tags do NOT go well together.

kurotsuno Sep 1, 2021

this girl is so watered down wtf, the only purpose of her being is to have big tits for our main charatcer to be all horny over and the author literally makes it seem like sexual assault is okay?? multiple times her breasts are being grabbed by the main character and she just lets them wtf, also why are there so many chapter covers with her half naked? and when they first arrived in the room the dude straight up grabbed her and pulled down his pant zippers wtf. 

llVIU Aug 23, 2021

"kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun kato-kun " jesus christ shut the hell up with your irritating screaming. You useless idiot who can't do absolutely ANYTHING by herself but doesn't want to help anyone either. She keeps telling OTHER people to do something. Do something yourself, bitch!

At first I had a bit of hope for her, thinking that maybe she'll show some justice towards women who get mistreated by perverted men. Or rapists like kei kurono but nope, it absolutely doesn't show that. Just shows cringy rapist fantasy beta loser scenes "uh oh I wish a beautiful woman with big tits randomly decided to live with me" at first this anime was hilarious but the fact that it tries to be taken seriously AT THE SAME TIME is wrong. The rape scenes are not funny or exciting, they're WRONG and they normalize rape fantasies for dumb boys who watch this crap. And it could've been a good anime! What a shame!

And this is coming from an anti-feminists who says there's no such thing as rape culture. Well, this anime here has to be the exception.

matrixen Aug 20, 2021

I dislike her for being weak, I fault the creator for writing such horrible downright degrading female characters

she's a fanservice character that only exists to fulfill the fantasies of rapists and incels, nothing else