Kayena HILL

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
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Kayena HILL
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The Villainess is a Marionette Main
The Villainess is a Marionette (Novel) Main

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LadyBeehop Mar 12, 2023

As the story goes on I'm starting not to like her. I'm on chapter 76 and she's just starting to be kinda annoying in my opinion. Loved her before now I'm not so sure. Hopefully she'll get better again 

Kaancha279 Jan 26, 2023

Spoiler?! Well it's in first chapter so I don't think it is spoiler but I'mma write it.

Ok so I dropped this manhwa about a year ago and I recently picked it up again. I went through all the early chapters and remembered exactly why I dropped this. Yes I absolutely hate her brother. She literally begged him to save her from that sadist bastard multiple times (BTW he married his sister to that bastard knowing he's infamous for torturing and killing women) but he just ignored and let her die from years of torture. But that's not why I dropped this. i have read fair share of manhwa and manga so I have seen characters worse than her brother but the thing I couldn't bare to read was how she thinks HE is the victim and he was not "loved enough" so it was HER fault. I love this girl, she is like one of the best FMC but why you gotta blame yourself for that piece of shit. Honestly I would not even be surprised if she wanted to kill that brother of hers after returning to past but it seems like he will not be punished AT ALL. So I'm going to drop this for good.

sassykillua Sep 25, 2022

She's beautiful and all and i like her quite a bit. But tbh she isn't that great people make her seem to be. Her motive is unclear. She talkes about changing ragef by showing him love but then again tries to escape. Seriously??showing him love just to leave him will just drive him even more mad. And the way she knows about everything is also unsettling. She changed the course of the story line so how does she know eveything?and how did she bacame so cunning?suffering in two lifes doesn't make one a strategist. Her character is too unrealistic. She acts as if she is on the top who knows everything. And the way she didn't even react about the book she read in her 2nd life turning into her 3rd life also bother me

Annou May 25, 2022

She is so freaking beautiful 

Notaghost Mar 7, 2022

I'd gladly die for her

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