Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #353
Rank #1,821
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Anime Roles

Your lie in April Main
Your lie in April: Moments Minor

Manga Roles

Your Lie in April Main

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Octwink Aug 19, 2023

I wanted to enjoy her screentime but I just could not to save the life out of me

Enseiii Jun 2, 2023

Whenever I see her, my blood pressure rises

ArminNyte Oct 16, 2022

She has single handily made me cry so many times I canttttttt

Rookblonkorules Jul 14, 2022

When I first began the series, I really didn't notice how similar Kaori was to Saki. This may have been because I was biased or it may have been because I didn't get very far in before stalling it. Now that I've picked it up again, I see that Saki and Kaori do, in fact, share many toxic traits in the way they treat Kousei and, honestly, it surprises me how many people overlook this. The series itself points it out, Kousei himself makes note of it in his thoughts. That being said, I don't hate her. I think she's an interesting and tragic character, but I don't approve of the way she forces Kousei back into music and I don't think the two of them should have been together- it's not a healthy relationship at all.

HatredsPeak Jul 12, 2022

This comment contains major spoilers. This is purely my opinion on her character; everyone is allowed to disagree.

Kaori beats a traumatized kid up and forces him against his will to do something that triggers him. Lots of people have fatal conditions and manage not to act bitchy like her; I apply this comment to Saki as well, as Saki and Kaori are basically the same character. Both have terminal illnesses and abusively make Kousei play the piano for hours on end because they want him to have a source of success after they inevitably die. It is whack how this went over the heads of so many viewers and some continue to make excuses for this girl's cruel tactics. Her heart was in the same place as Saki's, so both should be morally evaluated equally. The sole difference between them is that Kaori luckily happened to succeed. It is completely valid to like her character, but I personally cannot. Not to mention her story was not even sad to me. We all knew early on what was going to happen to her. The genki girl with a terminal illness trope is achingly overused as it is.