Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #34,705
Rank #1,013
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Tarkhgar Feb 14, 2024

Kaname Asagiri is for me the character I hate the most of all anime combined. I saw this character and I said to myself (frankly we could find worse than Sho Tucker) and we found it

Umeko22 Nov 27, 2023

I think this guy is so disgusting that I want to kill him.

SyringeTip May 1, 2023

AlexAlfred Well said. You're very strong for pushing through. I've always had respect for people that keep their head afloat even in the worst of times, unlike others who let it all out in the name of "release", with no regard for others.

Stay vigilant, good sir.

AlexAlfred Apr 29, 2023

I understand why some people might like Kaname.
I can sort of relate to him on a personal level, as I grew up in a similar family environment with relatives and a father who would beat me for no apparent reason. Neglect was actually a bliss for me back then. When they passed away as I got older, I thought I would feel relieved, but instead I felt an even deeper sense of void, emptiness and despair than when I was a child and was constantly bullied.
Despite being filled with anger and hate from being pushed by violence repeatedly, I felt a strange sort of connection with them as they were the only family I had in the world, even though they didn't treat me too well. They never taught or showed me love, which led to a lot of conflicted feelings. Thankfully, I never harmed myself or anyone else during that time. I bore the stress and trauma for years until I burnt out and wanted to end myself. A few more missteps could have turned me into someone unrecognizable, like Kaname who had lost his way.
The misery from childhood is still clear to me decades later as if it happened just some days ago. In the end, I realized that forgiveness is everything. Forgive the unfavorable parts and fate of my life, the bitter moments, and the unfortunate experiences I went through. Forgive myself that there was nothing I could've done differently. Forgive those who did harm to me or haven't shown me love, as I did not want to inflict harm on anyone and create more victims. I seek no revenge or justice, as they can never change the painful past and memories. It's only through forgiveness and letting go that I could ever hope to achieve some peace in my mind and soul.
My beloved girlfriend, who has since passed away, used to say to me when I wept deeply, "It's alright to have a messed up life. But I'll always be with you for the rest of it." Her words still bring me comfort and solace, even to this day.

nesoberry Nov 22, 2022

I'm concerned for the people who like this guy.