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dorkopatamus May 20, 2020

Best girl! Murano was dry. Which is weird because I really liked minori from tornadoes who was similar but she was more sweet and happy go lucky where as minors is nice but a whiner . Kana had spunk.

Yingjie May 16, 2020

Such a trashy 1 dimensional character, no personality besides obession with MC.

redwarriorXYT May 6, 2020

 I had a crush on her but the ending just bothered me all day she died so i felt so bad i really hope i can share this to someone who would take my comment seriously please this just makes me sad and i know this is fake but i take thing to seriously plz help! 

i loved her so much but the ending is just makes me heart broken and her music parasite next to you is so sad if you would know the meaning  😢😭❤

ayachani3 Oct 24, 2019

Listen. She had no sense of self preservation! And maybe its because she because she was infatuated with Izumi...but. She deserved to die. #SorryNotSorry