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CandyYoshi Sep 26, 2019


Keitrice Aug 19, 2019

The only good fujoshi is a dead fujoshi.

AtuaDamnedIdiot May 12, 2019

Doesn't eat for a week, loses weight, gets a harem.

Why can't the world work like that lmfao

PotassiumTea Nov 6, 2018

I love how relatable she is.  If there was ever an anime character based on my life, Serinuma would be it. I really like that she stays true to her character throughout the series.  I was afraid that she would lose that otaku, anime-crazed, personality once her appearance changed.  Furthermore, I'm happy she didn't just fall for the first boy that showed interest like a lot of characters similar to her. 

RoseCandle15 Oct 9, 2018

Her English dub voice is kind of annoying when she's fangirling. She's also kind of lesbian for missing that girl which is probably true sense she doesn't have feelings for the guys. Matsumi is the best boy though!