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rx78ricky Apr 14, 2019

how can you hate the man with ninja info cards

the myth

the legend

NinjaInfoCards Apr 8, 2019

I get why people would hate him, he can come off as annoying, but still, he's in my opinion the best character in the show. He has dope a Design and Abilities and a Backstory that makes sense with his Identity Loss. He's also the most "Ninja" from all the characters. Glad he found a home in the end.

candydr0ps Mar 19, 2019

kabuto has small dick energy send tweet

biribirii Mar 11, 2019

I wanna like him but everytime I see his face on the screen I wanna spit on him

MisterA Feb 24, 2019

Of all the villains in Naruto with tragic backstories his is the one that makes the most sense to me and is easily the most upsetting.