Aka: Former Ultimate Boxer

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #8,184
Rank #5,417
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Anime Roles

Danganronpa 3: Monokuma Gekijou Main
Danganronpa 3 -The End of Hope's Peak Academy- Future Arc Secondary

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babygiirl Jan 5, 2019

i hated him because he was extremely aggressive for no reason

then you learn he's just getting pushed around by that guy he has a raging boner for and is actually pretty chill

character development does wonders 

AyumiVk Aug 30, 2018

At least half of the people who like him only do so because he's gay, and you can't disagree because it's true.

kittua Feb 12, 2018

I remember hating him with my entire being, but then I found myself a mess of tears when he died, I don't understand me

Serenidy4 Jul 12, 2017

Spoilers! But...

F*** this guy. As touching as I honestly thought his death was, I still don't like him. He has been unlikable and idiotic to me throughout with all that he had done and the reasons for doing so. For example, his reason for how he behaved toward Naegi and why he wanted to kill him so badly, which was... well, one of the dumbest I've ever heard, especially with all the junk Naegi and his friends went through.

Yes, the poor guy has a lot of insecurities, but my god, was he an terrible nuisance and a mess. All he regretted was really stupidly letting Junko off easily due to keeping to himself that he's homo for Munakata, which is trivial in comparison to how much of a threat Junko is that even he knew full-well about, and even then he still acted like an irritating, hypocritical fool. Anyways, the one good thing that he did will not change my overall dislike towards him, even if it led to his death.

I really don't understand the many people who absolutely love him all of a sudden. A lot of people still hate other characters like Hiyoko even when clearly shown that she has a lot more going for her than her being a jerk often to certain people along with being a lot more innocent and helpful than she seems, but just because of the one good thing Juzo did and how he died, or that he's gay, he's all of a sudden redeemed completely and most love him a lot instead of disliking him? -.-

Yes, his loyalty and love towards Munakata is clearly admirable and rather touching (except for the fact that he lied to Munakata face to face about Junko. I thought Munakata supposed to mean the world to him? He even knew how much this mattered to Munakata yet he still lied. So, so stupid), but that doesn't overcome all the stuff he did. In fact, he would not have had died if he would have just sucked up his pride and let Naegi get Munakata, help fix both of their misunderstandings, and to let Naegi (or Munakata) help him in general with stopping the game while Juzo stays put so he won't die from blood-loss. Could have done that right when they were finally able to sit down and talk after Juzo snapped him out of committing suicide from video (which, btw, the damn Juzo still tried to kill him before falling over). Instead, he kept his hatred toward Naegi and let himself bleed to death while wandering off to the room himself. Now thanks to him for dying like that, Munakata has even more grief. I really can't stand him.

superzaiyan Dec 31, 2016

At first: #Push Juzo Sakakura down a flight of stairs 2016.


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