Aka: Ultimate Fashionista

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KeeperOfIdeals Jul 18, 2020

i cant believe her voice is in a tiktok audio though..... btw such an icon <3

Hakugyokuro13 Jul 7, 2020

You know how some villains just have this dramatic story why they evil and stuff like every single villain the only why she did what she did was because this bitch was bored ain't nothing happened to her that's what makes me like her😂👌👌👌

rivermist Jul 7, 2020

I love to hate her but she makes danganronpa interesting and can easily provide motives to instigate the killing game.

atamreF Jun 26, 2020

Her obsession with the concept of despair renders her original in some regards. I theorize she sub-consciously forces herself to like pain as a coping mechanism due to her horrid upbringing. 

JUNK0enoshima Jun 24, 2020

she's the best and most interesting character in all the games