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atamreF Jun 30, 2020

I love the comment below.

Orhunaa Apr 5, 2020

He isn't a well-written character in the sense that he isn't much of a character in the first place. He's picture-perfect in every conceivable way; mentally, intellectually, genetically. He's literally paraded by neo-Nazis (in the anime) as the second-coming of Hitler (a person nazis deem flawless, needless to say.).  He has no distinct personality traits pertaining to his disposition, he's eerily nonexistent as a person in his own right, and he states this numerous times in the show. It's misdirected to think of him as a character the way Tenma, Grimmer, Lunge etc. are. He's beyond that, he's a concept. He's the driving force of Tenma that opposes with all of his might his humanitarianism. He's empty, void, null. He has no care for his well-being, no desires of any kind, except for possibly one, which is to make a point. About the futility of it all, of the bleakness of the human condition, of the destructive nihilism he so perfectly encapsulates. I repeat, he is not a character, but a very clever tool of storytelling.

6Sirius9 Oct 6, 2019

*cough where's the cross dressing tag

riyon May 28, 2019

he scares the crap out of me..... i love him

TsumiMitzuki Jan 2, 2019

Way better than Light.