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Lowah May 27, 2020

Give her a chance, she has really grown in the LN, most likely the character with the most character development in the whole story despite only being a supporting character

MrNightMan May 24, 2020

 Please remove the tag "Tails" and add the tag "Bloodthirsty".

MrNightMan May 24, 2020

There is nothing contradictory. I love her more in the movie than in the main series. Because in the movie, the action takes place during the Great War and I finally see how she fights. I even wrote about this in the last comment "Especially in the movie". But her personality and behavior are identical in both cases.

MrNightMan May 17, 2020

Jibril is the best girl. Especially in the movie. She was so beautiful there, and now I love her even more.

zPriseax May 17, 2020

Now that I've watched the film I hate her 😁