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Hair Color: Brown
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cleansingcream Aug 3, 2023

The hate she gets is crazy to me even after I read what novel! Jeanette does(because woah you're telling me a fourteen,non reincarnated,girl can scheme that much against a feared powerful royal? alright...)she gets anthy comparisons but people seem to forget that Jeanette is an actual child and not an adult in a childs body, not only that but she's a sheltered, isolated child whose being used as a pawn. Anthy can speak in third person and childish as a defense mechanism (which I understand) but god forbid a child gets desperate for the family she's been promised her whole life 

rinnyisrin Mar 19, 2023

the dislikes are so mad that she's not a reincarnated 20yo+ woman that acts like a baby and refers to herself in third person point of view 

it's actually mind-boggling when a kid acts like a kid. honestly, how dare she!!!!!! 😡🤬

Earlos Dec 14, 2022

you gotta understand jannet is hated for the same reason athy before reincanation hated novel athy, doesn't mean we can't wish the best for her but she is exactly what not to be, adorable but gullible, exploitable and overly emotinal

i did hate jannet first chap since she was a mary sue, then didn't care, then saw old athy in her, and now appreciate her a charcter but not as a person

also i don't think athy was at any fault (Not even slightly) when it comes to jannet, she is looking out for herself first place and has a reason not to give out too much information especially when she was on edge for so much of it

sassykillua Sep 30, 2022

Thank god she got to be happy!and wtf is wrong with all those dislikes?!?!you gotta understand that this girl was literally alone,even so she tried everything she could to protect her loved ones,even tho she's just a little girl!she has all the right to be happy!and I'm so proud that she got it!

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