Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #140
Rank #383

Anime Roles

Fairy Tail Secondary
Fairy Tail 2 Secondary
Fairy Tail: Final Season Minor
Fairy Tail OVA Minor

Manga Roles

Fairy Tail Secondary
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Secondary

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Hak Jan 2, 2021


If you think Jellal is recycled..wait till you see Edens Zero

Either way I got nothing but love for the legendary guardian of time aka Sieghart and Jellal

they're 2 generations of awesomeness! 

Erza2YuriQueen Jun 27, 2020

I hate Recycled Characters. Jellal is Sieghart from Rave Master.

Pathetic excuse to justify his "brainwashing" , dislike, it was better if kept as villain.

DreamyAkira Apr 21, 2020

It's true guys, I'm his "finacee".

MsKakashi Mar 20, 2020

He gave off this mysterious vibe just as Mystogan did that made me love him right away.

Lirelle Sep 21, 2019

Unpopular opinion 

What if Jellal had never become the good guy? What if he stayed villain? What if he kept his manipulative, mysterious personality instead of being edgy emo "I don't deserve happiness so I will push away the girl I love!!" guy?

There's so many wasted potential in him, he could have saved his personality and have his bad too good guy journey slower, maybe making a lot mess, maybe hurting someone again, building up his relationship with Erza on different foundations, making it " I've fallen for who you are now" instead of "I love you because I still see in you the person you were 15 years ago"

Long comment but I needed to share my thoughts

It made ma wanna write fanfic sht;_;

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