Aka: Deku

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Lembore Sep 11, 2021

So what if he's an emotional character? Is that a bad thing? Frankly, it seems more "human" to me that a character is afraid of something or being emotional. That doesn't mean he's "annoying". He is brave, friendly, emotional and he cares about people. There's a lot of things about him that are likable. He's not someone who deserves that much hate. 

AnimeBackMangaer Aug 30, 2021

I agree with the comment below me.

Aarson Aug 26, 2021

He's not my favourite character, but he's not my least favourite. He's an amazing hero and one day he will become the greatest hero ❤️ I also love his personality, and his character development. Like back in middle school he would let everyone push him around etc, but now he doesn't let people push him around as much, he seems more confident in himself as well.

MG20010604 Aug 18, 2021

deku haters are more dumb that kirito haters lol