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ScrublordLuna Mar 13, 2012

I, personally, don't like InuYasha. I think he is a bit too indecisive. If he would just pick between the two damn girls, there wouldn't be so much hate.

InuYasha is one of the first Anime's I've ever watched, so it makes sense that I still watch it even today. My will to draw cartoons also stemmed from Rumiko Takahashi's work. Over the time I've known and seen InuYasha's character throughout the years, I just started to dislike him all the more. At first, I thought he was okay. But then ... he started to get irritating. I don't know, it's probably just me.

I like both Kagome and Kikyo, so I just don't like how they have to fight over some guy that doesn't even know who he loves/likes? I like how in the manga, eventually they'd stopped hating each other so much. So that was good.

Then again I could be....KikyoxKagome ALL THE WAY. Ehehe...that would kind of bring narcacissm to a whole new level. Wouldn't it? XD Oh god, that's hilarious.

InuYashaKagome Oct 17, 2011



Ahriinx May 12, 2011

inuuuuuuuuuuuuu love you <3