Aka: Half-Breed, Mutt

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PinkFlurry Sep 2, 2015

No doubt kogome's choice is nice ^//0//^

AlexaSN Aug 21, 2015

I love Inuyasha's character, he is one one of my favourites. I adore his personality, he acts all tough yet so cute , I just want to hug him all day. He and Kagome are my favourite couple, throughout the anime I was practically melting when they had a moment together.

PandaBear87 Jul 23, 2015

I wanna rub his ears! He's so stubborn, but at the same time he's cute.  I like his character a lot.

ChloesAnimePlanet Jul 20, 2015

What can I say? Inuyasha  he can be so stubborn and mean sometimes, but I love his personality all the same. Inuyasha was my and still me Fave anime/character of all time. nothing can change that. Yes! I adore SwordArtOnline too it is my 2anime. Inuyasha&Kagome are my 4ever OTP, even when I was a child and still now as a young adalt I adore this anime it will stay in my heart and it has my support to be alive.

ArminSwaglert Nov 29, 2014

Hmm, the first anime character I've ever seen, and therefore has gained the honor of being the first one I have ever fangirled over. God, the boy can be so stubborn, but I love his personality all the same.