Aka: Half-Breed, Mutt

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SansTheInfinite Jun 23, 2020

Lel I wish he would pick me 😅😅😅

MeliElena Jun 11, 2020

Really liked him. I just hated how much he switched between Kagome and Kikyo. He couldn't choose between them for a long time and I felt bad for Kagome....

 Animated Meme: Inuyasha Gifs

fiddlestix Mar 7, 2020

I was a lot more fond of this character when I watched the series as a kid. Years later I've read the manga and think he's a bit of a dipstick. The epitome of the immature, brat younger brother. His entire life was tragic so being defensive and angry make sense. However, his constant snarky attitude made me fantasize about taking a lighter to the page. In the manga the only time he seemed to show evidence of growth and development was when he was broken hearted, and those are the only times I really liked him.

miyahiroko Dec 28, 2019

I've watched this as a kid. I liked him because he's a funny person. But now that I have rewatched it, I realize he has an abusive behavior. I get that he couldn't express his feelings without getting angry. He's not a bad person either. He's just someone who couldn't express himself. I just don't like that he hurts people just because he couldn't say what he wanted to say.

robinchwann Jan 28, 2019

Deserved better. Felt bad for him most of the season.