Aka: Half-Breed, Mutt

Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Rank #141
Rank #522

Thanks to being sealed for half a century, the half-demon Inuyasha barely contains his rage and frustration behind his normally indifferent attitude. His fervent goal is to collect all of the Shikon Jewel shards using the restored gem to become a full demon like his half-brother rival, Sesshomaru. Although he would rather obtain these shards alone, Inuyasha reluctantly travels with companions who can assist him, such as Kagome and Shippo who prove more than capable of providing assistance when he needs it. From acquiring one of his father's swords, Tetsusaiga, the sword of destruction becomes the prevailing alternative to his lethal claws. Though his claw's signature "Iron Reverse Soul Stealer" is no move to scoff at, he's at his most powerful in battle when wielding the massive sword of destruction Tetsusaiga.

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Anime Roles

InuYasha Main
InuYasha: Kuroi Tessaiga Main
InuYasha: The Final Act Main
InuYasha The Movie 1: Affections Touching Across Time Main
InuYasha The Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass Main
InuYasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler Main
InuYasha The Movie 4: Fire on the Mystic Island Main
It's a Rumic World: 50th Anniversary Weekly★Shonen Sunday Main
Ranma 1/2 Akumu! Shunmin Kou Minor
Shounen Sunday CM: All-Star Total Appearance Main
Shounen Sunday CM: Cheeky Angel Minor
Shounen Sunday CM: Devil Devil Minor
Shounen Sunday CM: InuYasha Main
Shounen Sunday CM: Tuxedo Gin Minor
Shounen Sunday CM: Yakitate!! Japan Minor
Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon Minor
Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon - The Second Act Minor

Manga Roles

3.11 wo Wasurenai Tame ni: Heroes Comeback Main
InuYasha Main

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Flashy7 Apr 22, 2024

The goat...

Habiiki Dec 1, 2023


i would like to start out by saying i love and hate inuyasha his character is written well enough 

his character design is cool, he has a interesting and dynamic past. but the major thing for me when its come to inuyasha is his inability to choose between kagome and kikyo. like yes i get it she was his first love and everything and that she treated him as a normal human but what about kagome??? :SPOILERS: 

A REINCARNATION OF KIKYO how the fuck doesnt he know this??? like dude she legit had the bead and everything instead he chases after a fucking fake ass version of kikyo when the reincarnated version is in front of him it makes me so fucking mad eveytime granted ive only watch the entire anime and never read the manga but i dont think i could get through watching him not make up his damn mind it pisses me off so much i really felt bad everytime kagome would comfort and be like "Im here for you" but his ass is like "WHERES KIKYO??? KIKYOOO????"

rajberries Nov 24, 2022

everytime i see his toenails i gag

cassieL99 Oct 21, 2022

not surprised so many people dislike him

i did to for a bit... but when you really think about it, 

he's indecisive because he never got closure and never got to heal from the loss of the first ever human who treated him like a human (aside from his mother) every time kikyo pops back up she reopens that wound, not only reminding him of his lost love, but also reminding him of his failure to protect the woman he loved and burdening him with the weight of her sacrifice.

even the image of his mother (who he also couldn't protect) came back to haunt him at some point. 

his anger is also understandable, it's an insane burden, constantly being evaded by the person who didn't only take kikyo away from him, but even made her think he betrayed her. 

he's too proud cause he was made to feel inferior for his entire life just for being born a hanyo.

he can't talk about his emotions cause he's terrified of weakness.

I grew up with this show, but when it recently came back up in my mind I thought "man! that dude is an A-hole!" but when I watched the show again as an adult I appreciated the way he was written so much...

and I also appreciated kagome's writing, even if it's unrealistic, she definitely taught me compassion, empathy, and determination...

I'm glad I grew up with these two.