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Mio Feb 4, 2019

Her personality was a bit on the bland side, but she has one of the best female character designs in anime imo. 

arianagrxnde Jan 7, 2019

 i have never seen this anime but she is very beautiful 

TsumiMitzuki Nov 20, 2018

She’s too bland to either hate or like.

OpheliaStorm Oct 27, 2018

Inori was trash. She was bland and dull and they never even gave you her full backstory. They just tell you she's connected to Mana and that she has amnesia and her first memory is when Gai found her. Where's the rest? How can these people love this character when she was given no thought whatsoever and her actions were constantly contradictory?

ABCDVajnaIstvan Oct 26, 2018

Is it just me who thinks Inori is just an Eureka copy with the looks of Anemone.