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RolokoLamperouge Aug 30, 2015

One of the worst protagainsts I have ever had the displeasure of watching. 

No Character Development stayed the same during the entire anime also smiling does not equal development

No Personality very robotic in nature and actually becomes one in the second half

Overpowered Douchebag come on orange training mech over martain's customized mechs?

Shitty generic romantic interactions with Asseylum

Slaine was the only good main character in this show regardless if one loves or hates him don't deny the fact he was more of an interesting watch and carried the second half of the show. If you have a terrible MC (Robo-kun) chances are the antagonist (Slaine) is going to be even more terrible to be a terrible foil for the terrible MC. This show is a writing disaster and Robo-kun had the worst writing I have ever seen for an protagainst in a mecha anime. 

xKaede May 7, 2015

Inaho is badass ^_^

Siroul Mar 26, 2015

Hopefully he will die soon...pls

Azkaellon Mar 11, 2015

Lack of personality detected!

Zizotalal Feb 28, 2015

He is realy genius ....  He is like...  Oh c'mon  bring the best mobile suit you have and I'll turn it to dust with my little orange mecha....  Love him so much