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LilyNadesico Feb 24, 2019

Not only is this guy a Gary Stu, he's also a boring, emotionless Gary Stu.

And he isn't even that smart - it's that everyone around him is stupid, so he comes across as intelligent by comparison.

TwistedViper20XX Feb 5, 2019

Who needs a personality when you have physics on your side?

Seriously, Inaho's not your typical OP protagonist. He analyzes a situation, realizes X is happening because of Y, and decides to do Z about it. And physics isn't gonna give a damn if you're happy/sad/angry/bubbly/whatever. 

MaNii Jan 28, 2019

I kept prying through the whole series that this piece of trash of protagonist dies BUT NOOOOO HE LITERALLY GETS SHOT IN FUCKING HEAD BUT STILL SURVIVES WITHOUT IMMEDIATE MEDICATION. GOD I HATE HIM SO FUCKING MUCH!!!

Depravedmagi Aug 6, 2018

Slaine gets so much hate yet this emotionless robot with no personality exists.