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MissCactus Jun 1, 2018

@Tsubyaki Well you just forgot that Romeo and Juliet happened more than 400 years ago...

Tsubyaki Mar 23, 2018

If Romeo and Juliet can be considered the greatest romance dispite it being a few nights with a 13 year old gil and an 18 year old man then I really dont see what peopke have against Amuto. If they wait for a few years it wont be as dramatic anyways. Also better than with the paper mache that Tadese's character is made of.

Yudesei Nov 22, 2017

I feel very conflicted about Ikuto and whether or not I should remove him from my list of liked characters.

Overall, I like him. But the fact that a 17 year old high school student flirts with a 12 year old child is completely unacceptable.

arianagrxnde Jan 22, 2017

man i used to want his D so much when i was a kid ;/ 

giantstorylover Dec 24, 2016

Isn't he a cat? I mean, I saw a scene where he had cat ears.