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Hair Color: Blonde
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FeliFeli Jun 17, 2018

Howard was my favouriet tbh, and it's weird because only on this site do I find people who DIDN'T like him. On MAL I talked with a lot of fans and all but one liked him, and he's the third most favourited character in the show on MAL. But the majority of fans are probably on MAL because it's been around longer.

I thought Howard was funny, yeah he was mean but he was also nice in a lot of parts too? Like in episode 16, I think, he was a JERK but in the same episode he redeemed himself and that was so pure and nice. He had some character development, but I only sort of remember the show, and know he did a lot of bad things too. He was kind of some insecure tsundere spoiled brat who didn't know how to cope with the outside world, which some things he did was unexscusable but he also helped a lot. Like, the giant lobster/crab he accidentally killed was the entire reason they found youknowwho and that was kind of a big plot point.

This was long but he was a good character and I liked him a lot, and all my IRL friends who saw the show liked him too, and one other person agreed with me that he was their favorite character too. He was obviously a good person under his mean and bully like persona, which I'm sure was what the show was pushing for.

lol long story short is I like Howard lol

Epimondas Feb 20, 2017

He is one of the characters I most want to see ground in to a gooey paste for all the selfish useless trouble this egotistical arrogant jackhole causes.

animelover1477 Jul 28, 2011

this guy gets on my nerve that i just wanna punch him or i want the other charcters to !!

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