Hisoka MOROW

Gender: Male
Hair Color: ?
Rank #78
Rank #117
Hisoka MOROW

With a reputation of extreme violence and cruelty preceeding him, Hisoka revels in the fear shown to him by others, and seeks out opponents that could put up a good fight. His wicked sense of humour stems from his belief that he is undefeatable, which could well be true!

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Anime Roles

Hunter x Hunter Secondary
Hunter x Hunter (2011) Secondary
Hunter x Hunter OVA Main
Hunter x Hunter OVA 2: Greed Island Minor
Hunter x Hunter OVA 3: Greed Island Final Secondary
Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge Secondary
Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission Secondary

Manga Roles

Hunter x Hunter Secondary
Hunter x Hunter: Hisoka Origin Story Main

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Mintymingi Sep 1, 2022

I like him as a villain, but not as a character entirely. Dude is trash. But his fans are worse 💀just look at the mf below me, wack as shit

sassykillua Aug 19, 2022

AYEEEEE MY ULTIMATE LOML!!!!!!I JUST LOVE HIM SM!!! i don't get it man!how is he a pedo?he definately doesn't have any sexual intentions towards gon or killua or other guys! His "turn on" means getting exited by the power of them!not getting turned on in a sexual way the fuck!those people better shut the fuck up and don't talk nonsense like " why love hisoka and hate palm then?"

Dazaaiii Jul 27, 2022

I think Hisoka is actually really cool. We all know he's a pedo and I don't like that about him either. But I have nothing against him. I mean he can also be "serious" and so he can fight... And that's good

Ughbe Jun 12, 2022

It's 5 am and I hope I didn't wake the villagers with outbursts of laughter, having just read all 35 pages of comments.

background: watched hxh2011 straight through last year with my brother at his urging... then watched 1999 version in a few nights... never have touched the manga.

here is my slightly more educated take than... so hot... or pedo...

first of all despite his bright coloration he reminds me of a lot of the "goth" type peeps who I knew many of in the school days...  being kind of a weirdo nerd myself...  the connection to Eric draven from "the crow" seems a lot more applicable than the joker from Batman... especially the hawt heartthrob angle... 

onward... this whole show was really really amoral in general and what I liked about it best was the emphasis on nature and animals. let me explain! what seemed to make gon special was his connection to nature. And that while  he had a strong human moral sense he was aware that the animal world is not wrong either...  killing and eating things... cute little babies and whatnot... that's how most creatures have to get by! 

compare this to the more civilized characters like the silver spooned killua. For whom killing is an unwanted but expected professional choice... (hence his internal doubts)

we see that this show is very focused on the world of man vs the world of nature...

the Hunter association is made up of people expected to be able to hang tough in either world... or really anywhere yada...  whether climbing El Capitan or negotiating a trade agreement in a room full of suits and ties

anyway the show spoke to me!! The focus on nature and gons connection to it was remeniscent of dbz.

then we get to hisoka..

I liked him! The pedo thing seems blown out of proportion. Gon and killua are portrayed as basically the children of  some of our species strongest, and hisoka didn't seem to be scoping out any buns in the fighting tower despite there being a ton of well built young'ns all over... I digress cuz I'm not really trying to defend the character... just my observation.

what I'm seeing here is a lotta people hate him based largely on sexuality grounds. Although his character was pretty non sexualized... no harem... no love scenes or really even hints.. (not really a big part of this show anyway)

lotsa ladies seem wow drawn to him tho so maybe there is jealousy involved amongst the fan base!!

his design may also have been a nod to the visual kei rockers of the era when he was created. And they were popular with ladies I knew...

something about abandonment of restraint, letting the freak flag fly, but containing it in an attractive and colorful package!!! It also worked great for the "hair metal" bands worldwide before that!

 So also hisoka is obv a main character... and his integral part of the show is to be one of gons mentors... the whole show revolves around the missing daddy (omg the galneryus intro to 2011 where gon is leaping... reaching out for the missing father... sums it up!)

so eventually we find out due to ging and leorio conflict that ging really believes it best to simply turn children loose (or more accurately rely on female family to raise them) he expresses that he won't even go visit gon who is near death... the notion that gon needs to be free to learn and grow on his own and not in his fathers shadow means that much...

so basically biscuit and hisoka and netero end up as gons mentors, watching over him basically like a surrogate parent... bis and net, despite both being ruthless are pretty much goody goodys for all intensive purposes and this leaves hisoka and to an extent killua to balance things out

the character of razor is also a reformed murderer and ging specifically arranged for him to assist in gons strange upbringing...

kite despite being cold is also pretty goody... same with knuckle...

anyway suns comin up notha day!!

hisoka is a typical "cracked" lone wolf... contrasted against the composure of the phant troop or illumi who has the famalam

his idiosyncrasies represent what happens to people who are asocial, but not strongly connected to nature, as they come of age... a grim fate... sociopath, pedo, call it what you want...

he seems to get by just fine tho mainly on his sense of humor and his dream... contrasted with other "cracked" young killers like scissor man that biscuit catches for "cat and mouse" time

no humor, no good looks, no dream...

thanks for reading!! If this was a bit disjointed sorry train of thought type thing.

Too long!!  No way ppl need to think bout this type of stuff.

anime and most all media are just "morality plays" in disguise like my pop always says haha I watched an episode of "gunsmoke" with him a month ago titled "the widow maker" 

super epic same message different half century. 


dreamingofcowboys Jun 10, 2022

I haven't watched the series that much but I hate this guy so much he's literally a....*gasp* HE'S A PEDO!!!! THAT'S RIGHT I SAID IT!!! HE'S A FUCKING PEDO.

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