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Sae Jul 4, 2010


Listen. I'm calling from Hiro's house. She's been away for a while, she's just got back today, and her answerphone is full of this... this shit of yours.

You wanna know how she is right now? She's in tears. Floods and floods of fucking tears. Because some random sick stranger has spent the last month and a half stalking her. Well, I hope you're fucking happy, cause if you wanted to upset a perfectly innocent young girl then congrautlations - that's exactly what you've gone and done.

Listen to me and listen good. You leave Hiro alone. You leave her alone starting right now, or - God help me - I will find you and I will jam my fountain pen so hard up your urethra you'll be pissing ink for weeks. You hear me?

Don't you dare call this number again.

therik Jul 3, 2010

Hiro, I'm calling from the restaurant. Been waiting here a few hours now. I've counted the lights in the ceilings three times over, and I'm staring at the table through my fourth glass of wine. The candles have melted to nothingness, and I've had so many damned bread rolls I don't think I could find room for dinner even if you did come waltzing through that door right now.

But you won't, will you? Listen, I thought that we had something here. I thought that maybe it wasn't just me doing all the chasing. But as I scratch your name into the table it's becoming painfully obvious how one-sided this all is.

Look, I'll give you one more chance, OK? I mean.. maybe it's just that you don't like Italian food, right? That's why you didn't show up. Haha, it must be! I'm sorry, I didn't really think it through.

Look, I'll tell you what. We'll call this one off. How about Chinese? Chinese is Ok, right? Everyone likes Chinese! Let's meet at the Tasty House. Same time, same day, next week. Does that sound good?

Look forward to seeing you there.

Take care, sweetheart.

therik Jun 18, 2010

Straight through to the answerphone again... heheheh, guess I'm just unlucky, right? So anyway, thought I'd maybe... maybe cut to the chase a bit here. Are you doing anything next Saturday? Maybe we could ...errrr... errr... nip out for a coffee or seomthing? Give me a call when you get this, won't you?

therik May 30, 2010

Hey, Hiro. Me again! You... you've still not called. I know it's only been a couple of weeks, but I was kinda of thinking that maybe... Heheh, well maybe you're just busy ^^;

Give me a ring when you get a chance, right? I'm sure you will ^_^

therik May 13, 2010

Hi Hiro. I think you're really cute ^_^

Call me!