Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #25
Rank #60

Hinata is the quiet heiress to the Hyuuga clan. Though she is not the strongest of ninja and constantly lives in the shadow of her cousin, Neji, she tries her hardest during missions. She is able to use Byakugan – the genetic trait of the Hyuuga family, which allows her to see chakra. She is extremely shy, especially around Naruto whom she has a crush on.

I this character

Anime Roles

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Minor
Boruto: Naruto the Movie Secondary
Boruto: Naruto the Movie - The Day Naruto Became Hokage Secondary
Naruto Secondary
Naruto: Honoo no Chuunin Shiken! Naruto vs Konohamaru!! Minor Non-Speaking Role
Naruto: Konoha Sports Festival Secondary
Naruto: Naruto to Mashin to Mitsu no Onegai Dattebayo!! Secondary
Naruto Shippuden Secondary
Naruto Shippuden: Konoha Gakuen Picture Drama Special Secondary
Naruto Shippuden Movie 2: Bonds Secondary
Naruto Shippuden Movie 3: The Will of Fire Secondary
Naruto Shippuden Movie 5: Blood Prison Minor Non-Speaking Role
Naruto Shippuden Movie 6: Road to Ninja Minor
Naruto Spin-Off: Rock Lee & His Ninja Pals Minor
The Last: Naruto the Movie Main

Manga Roles

Boruto Secondary
Boruto: Naruto the Movie Tokubetsu Bangai-hen - Naruto ga Hokage ni Natta Hi Main
Naruto Secondary
Naruto's Story: Family Day (Light Novel) Main
Road to Naruto the Movie Secondary
Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Minor

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Gadoo6S Jul 29, 2020

She was about as usful as sakura aka USELESS

y she on the top loved list 


Tsuukiina Jul 24, 2020

I personally think that Hinata is waifu material why? well heres why people might think she's useless but she has improved mentally and physically, she became more confident in herself over time and has trained hard, if you want proof you can see how hard she trained when appearing on the last naruto movie (I REPEAT DO NOT ATTACK ME THIS IS JUST MY OPINION ON HER)

Overall she grew as a person and her character arc has improved ALOT

herpesfree Jul 20, 2020

I gotta agree that she is a waifu material. But she is quite useless. Kishimoto did not do his female characters justice. Also her romance with Naruto seemed rushed AF in THE LAST Naruto movie. Naruto had more chemistry with Sasuke than he had with hinata. I'm not a fujoshi nor do I like to make irrelevant gay ships but I gotta admit Naruto seems better suited with Sasuke than with Hinata lol. Overall not so well written character. She had no importance in the entire show. But she is a nice and sweet girl I only dislike her role.

kaguya13 Jul 19, 2020

Just as useless as sakura. Stalked naruto and didn't contribute anything

Loretg Jul 17, 2020

Solo le interesa la p*ja de Naruto así que no like. Valía llorarle a tu primo en vez estar detrás del qlo del narutito. U.u

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