Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #349
Rank #4,199
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Anime Roles

Hozuki's Coolheadedness Minor
My Little Monster Main
My Little Monster OVA Main

Manga Roles

My Little Monster Main

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Iyomu Aug 21, 2021

Hm? In the manga version, he says, "Don't move. If you scream, I'll hurt you." Which isn't any better but at least it's better than him saying he'll r*pe her.

nowrinklebrain Apr 6, 2021

Pardon my French, but how the fuck could you people like this character? He's so abusive and disgusting, like look at this:

1. Haru threatening to rape Shizuku

Just out of suspicious of her asking him to go back to school. Like is this behavior is excusable just because you think he's hot?

2. Haru punching Shizuku

She tried stopping him from fighting and he punches her in the face and she collapsed and started bleeding. When he looked at her, he just had a blank stare and didnt even apologize or give a shit.

3. Him dumping soda on Shizuku

Just because Shizuku was concerned over him having fake friends who just wants money from him and he dumps soda on her head? Like what a fucking dick, he clearly has no respect for Shizuku and hits her, abuses her, manipulates her, and treats her like this? He was even toying with her emotions in the anime by being extremely indecisive. And on top of his shitty personality, his character is shit too.

His character severely lacks intricacy, development, and realism. He's so inconsistent. The fact that people romanticize his character and his relationship with Shizuku absolutely disgusts me, and it's incredibly disturbing. I'll just assume that most of the people who comment this stuff are extremely young or naive.

AkwardLiz Feb 6, 2021

I can't help but love him yet also be like what the heck at the same time. 

Billdrid Jan 26, 2021

I love haru, he is probaby one of my favorite characters ever. People want to hate him becuase he is bad but he goes though so much growth and in the end he is funny and loveable. In the beginning he was cluless about love and anyone could argue that he was hurting shizuku but i believe he learned what it truley meant and shizuku ended up hearting him more. 

MeliElena Oct 14, 2020

I know a lot of people want to hate him or thinks he's a bad guy, but I really don't think he is. He definitely has some problems that he needs to work on and he hasn't been taught nor learned many things about people, but that said I still think he's a good person. You can see how happy he gets when he finally meets someone who treats him with respect and his intentions are definitely good. Not all people are being taught how to understand when for instance someone has had enough or someone isn't genuine. I believe Haru has som difficulties because of how he was treated and brought up as young. Of course some of the things are taken too far, but I don't think you can call him a bad person. He's trying hard to get better and cares a lot about having someone care for him and having someone he can care for as well.

To summarize I just think he wants to love and be loved and make the people he likes happy and sometimes he doesn't know how to do it in a proper way and therefor ends up hurting those he care about. But I don't think something like that makes you a bad person.

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