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Hair Color: Black
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Hozuki's Coolheadedness Minor
My Little Monster Main
My Little Monster OVA Main
Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun: Non-credit Last Scene Main

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My Little Monster Main

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vsixl Apr 13, 2023

He said he would R the fl in one of his first scenes 

HADI99K Mar 6, 2023

Haru is great 

Reisan06 Aug 28, 2022

At first I was like he's nuts than reflected a bit and realized I've done the same shit he does, so I can't judge. Plus I relate to him in many, many, many ways. Like the fact of wanting friends but being hard to get and to agressive/sensitive. We both react the way we react cuz of pride and feelings. He also wasn't totally wrong on throwing his shake on Shizuku cuz coming from someone u just met and thought was a friend to tell u ur friends u've known longer that they were using is hard and u think is sth insensitive to say. But let's not forget she's a very straightforward person and very direct when talking. Yes, he might seem possessive but the reason for it is cuz in some cases when u have a friend/bf/gf/lover and they meet someone they seem to get along with u get scared of getting replaced, abandoned or/and cheated. Plus u think they might forget about u if they are always with other ppl. And it hurts to be replaced or abandoned cuz u thought u had it good but turns out they didn't see it like that. Bonds are sth important for humans and if they lose bonds or feel like their bond with someone is being threatened they do anything and I really mean anything to stop that from happening.

At least that's what I think... To be honest I lost many bonds some important and some that just weren't really a good or/and healthy one. The less important the bond is, the less the person will fight for that bond.

Since he thought he was close to his "friends" he defended them, but after realizing it wasn't that good of a bond, he was able to let them go easier. Unlike the one with Shizuku he never had anyone defend him and show that they actually cared for him. So he tries 100 times harder to keep that bond

In resume he's just human

VongolaJuudaime Jun 21, 2022

Okay, I dropped this anime at some point, I forgot when but I'm sure it was because of this character. Sure he's lovable and cute at times but NO, it's not okay for him to hit Shizuku and having a traumatic past does not justify his bullshit. He might be good at times and maybe he isn't necessarily a bad person but you cannot look past the times he hit her, and how possesive he was, it's really not okay and shouldn't be viewed as normal. Like the time he threatened to rape her in the first episode??? like wtf?? This dude really got on my nerves, I tried to like to him but I'm sorry not sorry, this ain't it.

p.s. Yamaken is better, people hate him because he was introduced late and is against the irrational Haru stans. I haven't logged in for months or even a year or 2 just to express how much this character is insufferable.

vickeira Oct 31, 2021


1- hate him.    2- I don't hate him as much but I'm still annoyed that he punched her in ep1.    3- He is sweet and funny, I'm starting to like him but I'm still sceptical about what he could do eg. if he hits Mizutani again.    4- what is up with him? I don't know how to feel about him anymore. He's a nice guy but he has serious anger/violence issues.    5- idek.    6- motivational speaker, he's not so bad. I like him, he better not ruin my feelings for him.    7- I actually freaking love him, he's so cute!     8- I can't believe he hit her again!!     9- he so sweet tryna get her a goldfish!     10- clingy but cute.    11- .........     12- idk.   13- funny guy looking for a bug

overall: I actually love him, he still needs to apologise for physically hurting her, but I do like him.

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