Hanabi HYUGA

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #2,731
Rank #7,279
Hanabi HYUGA
I this character

Anime Roles

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Minor
Naruto Minor
Naruto Shippuden Minor
The Last: Naruto the Movie Minor

Manga Roles

Naruto Minor
Naruto's Story: Family Day (Light Novel) Main
Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth Minor

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Geeljire Sep 18, 2022

She's hot in Boruto damn, lucky Konohamaru

Lucilen Sep 29, 2021

So much better then her boring sister

candydr0ps Aug 29, 2021

bro.. this whole thing was months ago i honestly forgot about this until i logged back in.

i do see your point on how naruto treats its female characters in a misogynistic manner. i don't think most of the girls are well-written or well thought out compared to the guys, but at this point it's just something i've come to accept. i didn't take your original comments as a personal attack but i'm glad you cleared that up in case there were any misunderstandings.

i think it's best to just leave it here. i don't particularly disagree with you and i feel like there are far more productive things to do than continue this.

OsumarefromMAL Aug 27, 2021

Again, I apologize about my earlier responses, and yes being a housewife doesn't automatically make you weak or badly written if you have actual development and depth prior to being one, but because of how poorly the female characters in Naruto written, housewives in Naruto are the epitome of how the female characters are handled in the series...and Hinata is the best example of this.

OsumarefromMAL Aug 27, 2021

Okay, I happened to stumble upon this again and decided to delete my old comments because they're pretty cringy. I'm also going to apologize to how rather rude I was coming off to you. I'm just going say this: being a housewife by itself is not a bad thing. However, in Naruto, being a housewife is portrayed as if that is the only thing for a kunoichi to really do as an adult once she gets married. To add on to that, being a housewife in the series for the female characters is less due to the "my choice to be a provider and stay at home mom for my kids" like most housewives in fiction and real life and more because it's the next step in being devoted to the men in their life, as the women in Naruto heavily revolve and are directed in life by their infatuation with men. 

Yes, Hinata is an abuse victim, and she never wanted to be the heiress of her clan. But the issue with her being a housewife instead is that she has no actual character development before being a housewife. We see no actual progression of her as a character or kunoichi unless it is tied to her crush on Naruto. It never feels for Hinata that she is a housewife just because that would be her choice in life. She is written as a housewife instead as to be more ideal to Naruto as, like most women in Naruto, that is portrayed to be the next thing the female characters of Naruto can do to be even more of a satellite character for their love interests. You said that "whether a female character decides to remain as an active figher or not isn't indicative or a requirement for a multifaceted character, particularly if it's in a place where there's nothing but bad memories for them" and that is true for some series, but, in Naruto's case, it really is.

The series treats romance and crushes for the female characters to be top priority over being a ninja, and because most of the romance and crushes in Naruto are one-sided for the female characters. This is why the women in Naruto are heavily criticized. They lack character dimensional and motivations if you take out their goals and actions and beliefs that are connected to the men they end up with or want to end up with. You are right that Naruto characters as a whole regardless of gender have issues, but the female characters in Naruto and written in an extremely sexist and gender regressive way. The women in Naruto are either just love-obsessed or there to be the token girl, and almost all of them pale in comparison to their male counterpart Kishimoto during Naruto's run unintentionally had very misogynistic and outdated views, and it shows in almost all the female cast, especially Hinata. Being in the kitchen is not bad without context, but when adding in Naruto female characters being mainly just "developed" to be love interests, it is a bad setup and the epitome of why the women are criticized. 

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