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jwirehair Jan 2, 2018



NissyDaDiamond Jul 6, 2017

I think that he's hot and cute and I love his music! He's also caring. :)

gonzab83 Sep 1, 2015

Hagi is an amazing character! He has a very stoic and reserved charm about him. Following his character through out the storyline showing loyalty and a hidden love for Saya. When reunited with Saya, he always remained by her side-true to the very end. He's such a selfless chevalier. And being a cellist, makes him even more irresistible...!  ^_^

RyanMinLwin Jun 24, 2015

Twilight movie should look at this anime. Love is embedded until the very end. Fucking epic final scenes and story line with actions. Undying and Ethernal Love.

PurpleCatAngel Sep 7, 2012

He's so cool and he makes beautiful music.:)