Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
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Rank #141

Beautiful, calculating, and cunning, Griffith is a commoner with aspirations for greatness, to reach the 'castle' of his dream. He forms the mercenary group the 'Band of the Hawks', and using his tactical prowess and strategic genius, leads the group to the upper echelons of the kingdom on his quest for ultimate power and authority. He forces Guts to join the Hawks after defeating him in a duel, and comes to rely on him more than any other.

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Anime Roles

Berserk Main
Berserk (2016) Minor
Berserk (2016) Recap Minor Non-Speaking Role
Berserk (2017) Minor
Berserk (2017): Recollections of the Witch Minor
Berserk: Golden Age Arc III - The Advent Main
Berserk: Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey Main
Berserk: Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King Main

Manga Roles

Berserk Main
Berserk: Shinen no Kami Main

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dreamingofcowboys Mar 31, 2022

I refuse to finish whatever is left of the manga but I can't get over his character. I liked him at the start and he seemed like a really good guy up until "THAT" all of T  H A T. From the time that the king locked him up and had him tortured from the time he was saved. He became something so much worse than I had imagined.

He's pretty and clever.

His character is well written and portrayed so perfectly. It's hard to hate him and or love him. 

66Jesgre Mar 24, 2022

With Miura dead, Guts can't have his revenge. I really wanted to see Guts brutally and painfully murder Griffith.

AvariciousImp Feb 20, 2022

If you think Griffith is an evil psychopath, congratulations, you've missed the entire point of the series. Black Swordsman has a scene where the Count summons the Godhand to try to save himself from Guts and is offered a second sacrifice as the price, and the God Hand very specifically point out that in order for a sacrifice to work at all, it has to be something you love so much it's almost part of yourself. Griffith had to care about the Band otherwise it wouldn't have worked. Griffith is shown angsting over the amount of people who die in his name, and whether his dream is worth it, using the example of the boy with the toy knight. This is all just said plainly in the text of the manga.

Like, I wouldn't say I'm super media literate but the above seemed fairly obvious to me, idk... :/

ladysorrow Feb 6, 2022

even if I excuse literally everything this mf has done, I can never forgive what he did to Casca. And by extension, Guts and Casca's relationship/child. 

Vincyjincy Jan 29, 2022

the people who likes this character has serious peoblems

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