Gender: Male
Hair Color: White
Rank #1,350
Rank #153

Beautiful, calculating, and cunning, Griffith is a commoner with aspirations for greatness, to reach the 'castle' of his dream. He forms the mercenary group the 'Band of the Hawks', and using his tactical prowess and strategic genius, leads the group to the upper echelons of the kingdom on his quest for ultimate power and authority. He forces Guts to join the Hawks after defeating him in a duel, and comes to rely on him more than any other.

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Anime Roles

Berserk Main
Berserk (2016) Minor
Berserk (2016) Recap Minor Non-Speaking Role
Berserk (2017) Minor
Berserk (2017): Recollections of the Witch Minor
Berserk: Golden Age Arc III - The Advent Main
Berserk: Golden Age Arc II - The Battle for Doldrey Main
Berserk: Golden Age Arc I - The Egg of the King Main

Manga Roles

Berserk Main
Berserk: Shinen no Kami Main

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Hottestbog Feb 18, 2021

Griffin did not wrong casca enjoy it.

MrFreeze Feb 3, 2021

after watching the first Arc of Berserk 1997, I have nothing but pure, unalderated hatred for Griffith and all that he has and will stand for.  I guess he was a well written villian, I HATE THIS MAN MORE THAN JUST ABOUT ANY OTHER CHARACTER FROM ANIME I HAVE SEEN, Yes Even worse than Kyubey.  At the beginning, i wanted to believe that maybe he would be rough around the edges and maybe grow as a character, But after Guts leaving, his spiral accelerated until he willingly sacrficed his friends, his family, his morals, everything.  He put all of them through hell, they backed him and his dream to one day become well known, he stabbed them all in the back and pretty much the whole band of the hawks were brutally murdered, because of this selfish jerk's "Ambition"  I though I had found pure hatred for Kyubey, a little Devil who made contracts and ruined the lives of girls, but what Griffith did, I can not turn a blind eye to.  He Destroyed the lives of Men women, children, lovers, admirers, loyalists and so many more.... Screw you Griffith, you may be a good villian but to me you will go down as one of my most hated Characters in anime.

xida2t Jan 28, 2021

Carried Beserk. His back must be hurting.

xida2t Jan 28, 2021

Griffith the GOAT.

beiri0x Jan 25, 2021

stomp this nikka out wit my timbs on

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