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MateusCarvalho590 Jun 2, 2020

I hate Gon Freecss, because he has high emotional complexity of complete levels, with complex attitudes and actions, very immature, high euphoric and impulsive, very antipathetic in other occasions, weak psicology, and owns low self worth.

TeamAlex Apr 12, 2020

He is terribly childish. Yes, he is also a child.

However, he is also simply unappealing. From start to finish, he was just a block on my leg and disturbed the anime.

RustCohle2019 Feb 15, 2020

The protagonists of Neketsu Shonen are mostly written, and this one in particular, with a mistaken idea of ​​what values ​​and virtue are in addition to a stupid glorification of naivety, selfishness and a low capacity for reasoning. Gon of Hunter x Hunter and Luffy of One piece are the ones he considered the worst of this type, Goku of Dragon Ball although his predecessor is innocent does not become amoral like the other two, Naruto is the only character in Nekketsu shonen who is consistent with their ideals, and that unlike Gon and Luffy do not want us to pass their character defects as virtues

youreminikui Sep 29, 2019

I mean, yes Gon in Chimera Ant arc was a bit of a dickhead but bro, he's legit a 12 year old kid. He's not some saint and can be immature at times. Obviously, he's not the best character but when Kite died his emotions got the better of him and didn't think straight. Like he's not meant to be a perfect character, he made dumb decisions and i think that one of the beauties of hxh is that it ain't ur average shonen. A bit disappointed though cause the creator was on the fence about making him more of a hero or an evil mc. It was nice to see that Gon wasn't like every mc in shonen that saves the ppl but also not the biggest fan of the fact he befriended some ppl that killed his friends. Decent protagonist, with great potential? Ngl tho if the author changed some of Gon's traits and made him have a bit more character development he could've been a really good shonen protagnist

Claptrap Sep 23, 2019

If people came away from Hunter x Hunter thinking it's a 'straight up' hero's tale than it's no wonder they can't fully groke Gon's character.

HxH establishes very early on that the world is not just, nor is any particular organization. The tests of the first arc even demonstrate the flip and not necessarily moral characteristics of the world. Characters change and shift around a world that fundamentally does not operate on a clear good and bad axis.