Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #112
Rank #1,232

Living alone with his aunt Mito, Gon is an adventurous young boy who is intrigued by his mysterious father. Holding onto a lone picture of his dad, Gon one day dreams of following in his footsteps to become a world famous hunter. Always cheerful and upbeat, he seems to completely lack a negative side and pushes his friends to be as successful as he is.

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Anime Roles

Hunter x Hunter Main
Hunter x Hunter (2011) Main
Hunter x Hunter: Jump Super Anime Tour 1998 Main
Hunter x Hunter OVA Main
Hunter x Hunter OVA 2: Greed Island Main
Hunter x Hunter OVA 3: Greed Island Final Main
Hunter x Hunter: Phantom Rouge Main
Hunter x Hunter: The Last Mission Main

Manga Roles

Hunter x Hunter Main

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MateusCarvalho590 Oct 22, 2020

I hate Gon Freecss, because he has high emotional complexity of complete levels, with complex attitudes and actions, high emotional imbalance, very immature, high euphoric and impulsive, high negative optimism, very antipathetic in other occasions, weak psicology, and owns low self worth, and even though he likes his friends a lot, he never showed high levels of empathy, never showed much attention for others, etc.

And all of this means that he will never be able to reach the full percentage of his complete development, and he will never be a much better character than characters from American fictions and anime. And as he is very optimistic, antipathy and much less realistic, he can never deal with rejections, loneliness, misfits, etc. And that will never make him a much better person than others. That's all.

kazuyayuu Oct 19, 2020

He's always been selfish, but I only hated him when he made Kil cry.

rynvlrsl Oct 19, 2020



boredinahouse Oct 12, 2020

Gon is honestly one of the most unique protags ever even though he can be annoying and selfish at times hes not that bad of a character like yall be saying hes trash and annoying then go and simp for hisoka a man that has iterally no stomach,looks like hes on drugs and a pervert like stop just stop

Simpykuudere Oct 6, 2020

Bruh why do y'all hate him 

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