Goku SON

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thomas2392 Jul 15, 2011

How is it possible hat goku is not the number 1 ?

Saber Jun 21, 2011

The best of the best :]]] Everyone know that. He's a legend.

lisagesha Apr 22, 2011

he looks like he takes steroids,just like every other dragon ball-whatever charecter :p

jtir123 Mar 31, 2011

I find Goku to be utterly boring. He's a very generic character (aren't all of them?) that shoots blasts, and then shoots stronger blasts. I don't mind his personality--he's just uninteresting. And extremist DBZ fans who tout how he is the most powerful character ever, who are either incredibly naive or ignorant, only help to bolster my opinion. Got beef with what I said? Chat with me on my account =)

darkreaper321 Mar 20, 2011

Well all i wanna say is i wanna be like him. I know it is impossible. Heis the most powerful in the universe and yet is down to earth  nothing never really gets to him i mean he forgave someone who killed his bestfriend. In reality i dont think a character like him is possible  and btw if you guys are worried about pride go to some rich guy or some racist you'll find lots of it, dont need to watch some anime for that type of character.