Aka: Ginius SAKHALIN

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #42,234
Rank #7,121

Anime Roles

Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team Secondary

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JerryJoe Nov 8, 2019

 Chars is not reasonable. He picked sides without having respectable reasons. Life is too easy for him. To be honest, nearly all of ova characters are much much better than 79 characters. 

Androidraptor Feb 17, 2012

Ghinius is severly mentally ill, as in he probably didn't even fully understand what he was doing by the end of the series. I felt plenty sorry for him. Hell, to me he was the most sympathetic character in the show. Char, on the other hand, is a vengeful douche who knew damn well what he was doing and more than enjoyed doing it. Lest we forget he pretended to be Garma's best friend for years just so he could stab him in the back AND LAUGH ABOUT IT. Not to mention Kishiria, and his general callousness towards people. And of course CCA where he, you know, wanted to drop an asteroid on the Earth and kill billions of people. Yeah.

Sure Ghinius is no saint, but the stuff he pulled is nothing compaired to Char. Just because Char's a cool ace pilot or a complex character doesn't mean he's any less of a monster than the less shiny cool villains.

And honestly, I don't completely blame Ghinius for trying to get in the way of his sister running off with some enemy soilder she's known what, 12 hours? Yeah he was overly clingy to her, but I don't think that's something he can really help (we know by the end he has severe abandonment issues thanks to mom walking out, not to mention IMHO he's a textbook case of Borderline personality disorder. Niether are things he asked for, can control, or deserved). Codependancy =/= evil, and that's the worst I see in his relationship with Aina pre-breakdown.

Gyroballer Jan 8, 2012

Ginias and Char are really different beasts. Ginias tends to not listen to reason and even with his highly arguable "good traits", he's purposefully painted in a bad light. And he even comes between the relationship of the hero and heroine, which is an instant red flag for most people. Char, on the other hand, always listens to reason (except for in Zeta vs Hamon and in general in CCA). He's painted very well in Zeta and gives you a big reason to like him. He's a lovable bastard if there ever was one in the original Gundam. He's just a pure fun and awesome character. Ginias is just dark and his ambition cannot be sympathized with easily.

Androidraptor Jan 30, 2011

It's funny how some of the people who dislike Ginias still like Char *eyeroll*

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