Aka: Archer, King of Heroes

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anifan96 Mar 17, 2019

Loathsome yet powerful

TsumiMitzuki Nov 22, 2018

He's not evil,in fact I would rather say he is very arrogant.Gilgamesh is your love-to-hate type character.

Tuturuu Sep 19, 2018

God, I love this guy.

I don't really get why do many people hate him, when he's definitely not evil.. just arrogant, and his arrogance is a way to nerf his incredible power, or he'd rolfstomp the vast majority of the characters. Gil is just so cool, and I never really liked how they toned down Caster Gil. Archer Gil is best Gil.

Altera Jun 16, 2018

Gilgamesh - The King of Heroes

Knowing him only as a character of Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night you can easily despise this guy.
He's a rich arrogant blondy who looks down on everyone and claims everything in his interest.

The Archer Servant - Gilgamesh is based on the tyrannic protagonist of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

In the Poem Gilgamesh was 2/3 god, 1/3 Human (designed by Gods, Born by the Goodess Ninsun and fathered by the (human) king Lugalbanda)
- Thats is also very important part of his Character. He's neither an immortal God, nor completly a Human. So, where does he belong to?
At the Beginning of the epic poem Gilgamesh oppressed the Humans of Uruk he should rule over.
In desperation the Humans prayed to the Gods to stop him.
Therefore the gods created an equal (!) - Enkidu - who later became friends with Gilgamesh.

Together they went on a journey and slayed the monstrous demi-god Humbaba in the Cedar Forest.
Back in Uruk Gilgamesh rejected the proposal of the goddess Ishtar (comparable with the greek Aphrodite) and insulted her by telling her how she mistreated her previous lovers.
The aggrieved Ishtar then went to her father Anu and the bull of heaven was released over Uruk.
With the help of his dear friend Enkidu, Gilgamesh slained it.
As a punishmed for slaying the Bull of Heavy Enkidu got cursed and died.
Lamenting over the dead of Enkidu Gilgamesh realised one thing - He's also mortal.
Thus, the big journey of Gilgamesh beginns...

That's one half of the Epic of Gilgamesh broken down to the key points.
If you're interested please read the whole Epic of Gilgamesh - It's highly recommendable.
Not only because of the Story itself, but also of the semantic level - the meaning behind it. :)

I read the Epic of Gilgamesh before I watched anything from the Fate Franchise.
That's the reason why I love this character. (especially in Fate/Zero and Fate/Strange Fake)
He's the perfect image of the Gilgamesh from the Epic and I love the little details they put into his Character and Design.
i. e. How he treats Iskander, Velvet, Atoria and Kirei in Fate/Zero,
His discord with the current/our civilisation,
The Sword of Rupture - The Star of Creation that Split Heaven and Earth - named Ea (Also known as the babylonian God Enki),
to name a few :-)

BTW If you look for the overworked Wise King Gilgamesh - It is the Caster Gilgamesh from Fate/Grand Order (But I never played that Game, not available in my country)

YoWeebs Jun 6, 2018

Best Fate character ever everyone who hate him is a mongrel.