Aka: Mr. Panda

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1x100 Dec 1, 2019

Without him we couldn't have a plot, so it's forgivable how much of a bad father he is. So pathetic it's hilarious. Can we remember his secret final attack... Runaway? And.. I won't write the other secret ones.

SmileyRabbit Jun 12, 2017

This guy is a terrible parent and in the begining i thought he was a nice guy but the guy is pathetic he even uses his form to get out of doing what he need to if he is scared.

Justice4harima Oct 31, 2015

I think he is my favourite parent in any anime ever. He is funny as hell!

ItsumoHitori Oct 18, 2014

absolutely hilarious

skullcandy96 Sep 24, 2011

he is the worst father EVER but he still is a good character