Gary OAK

Aka: Shigeru OKIDO

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ZhikZhek Oct 19, 2019

Why is Gary such a butt?

He is garbage... 

MusicChika65 Aug 5, 2019

I hated Gary until Ash beat him at the Silver I love him.

LilyNadesico Nov 4, 2018

He's Gary Motherf*****g Oak, the original Pokemon rival!

"Smell ya later, losers!"

Illyricus Apr 1, 2018

The very first swag boi ever created! Driving a car and having an harem of cheerleaders at the age of ten!

Too bad he never reappeared after Diamond & Pearl. I miss him a lot. 

Bunnii8 Jan 22, 2018

Gary oak is life...he should be everybodys husbando!