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Aerythrin Jun 22, 2020

He's a sweetie with mirally questionable objectives at first. I love his relationship with Yogi!

Yaoilover9000 Apr 26, 2020

they SEVERELY downplay his outfits in the anime

for best experience, read da manga

(ch 35 for anime continue)

(real fans will read the whole thing from the start tho)

Yaoilover9000 Apr 26, 2020

his outfits.


XxQueenOfQueensxX Nov 23, 2017

I love him  he is my second fav anime guy he is cute! :3

otakugirlwolf Jun 15, 2016

i love my bad boy gareki hes so cool and very manipulative   but hes also a sorta caring guy not to mention that when he yells at nai-chan its hilarious