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zetsubo666 Mar 26, 2013

Basically the Yuki of deadman wonderland. A main character you arn't meant to like but is designed that way to make the story and the support characters more awesome wouldn't mind a spin off with Senji or Shiro as the main character though that would be great.

KiraFluffytail Nov 12, 2012

Ganta punch Shiro = Me wonting ganta to die now !!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

Brassen Jul 22, 2012

GANTA GET OVER YOUR ENTIRE CLASS GETTING KILLED YOU GOT NEW FRIEND NOW... granted they might kill you any second of the day but still better than nothing. 

fham Jan 6, 2012

Does anyone feel like Ganta looks a bit like Naruto ? His voice, his way of talking, of acting too, some expressions... And his attack too, looks like rasengan when Naruto started to learn it !

 (And I have to add that I'm saying this as I just finished episode 4.) 

Saber Jun 21, 2011

Try to image ur self in this madness as he is put up to fight in this anime. I bet you would cry as well :/ well, at least a bit.