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Vexingperson Feb 20, 2012

Kid spends too long at the play park, brings home sand in his boots, no wonder mom hated him.

Derpsoon Feb 20, 2012

Emo child who has daddy issues.


csgordon11 Dec 9, 2011

Gaara is not emo!! Definitely a bit of a psychopath in the original naruto but def a good turn around story, kind of like vegeta in DBZ.  Gaara is totally wicked!! Kazekage by like age 16... yeah he's a total bad ass.

nekosakura Sep 28, 2011

Hm, yeah.

Issues... but the first time I saw him appear in the anime I was like: •///•

And that's just STRANGE considering he's fictional... But we can just pretend he's real for now.

skullcandy96 Sep 24, 2011

i admit the boy has issues but i like him a lot