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8AnnaChan8 Mar 22, 2016

i have the hugest crush on gaaraa its not even okay...

candydr0ps Feb 28, 2016

Gah, I LOVE Gaara! ♡

He is absolutely flawless, even as a psycho! *^* His development is the best I've seen in any anime! He's been my favorite ever since I fist layed eyes on him. *o*

He's my overall favorite anime character~ ☆

BerryChwan Feb 15, 2016

Had the hugest crush on him. Prefer him to Naruto actually. 

HisokasWaifu Aug 15, 2015

Gara is the best ☻♥

PurpleCatAngel May 1, 2014

Gaara is so awesome!:)