Gender: Female
Hair Color: Red
Rank #18,787
Rank #854

Anime Roles

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Secondary
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie III: The Rumbling Sky Secondary
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie II: The Far-Away Dawn Secondary
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Movie I: The Empty Battlefield Main

Manga Roles

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Astray Minor

Related Characters

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Lessermook May 17, 2022

This little lady was ROBBED my nigga, Shinn's mishandeling is nothing compared to Flay, holy shit.

  • To fix her, this girl shoulda been put to fucking work; PERIOD. I don't recall seeing a pronounced medic character on the Arcangel in SEED so let that be her job, a nurse.

OR my personal take, make her a mechanic with Murdoch/spare Mobile Suit for the Strike when Kira's out of commission, rotation.

Why NOT??

Both she & Kira can learn some shit from Mu on handling Gs, manenuvers, tactics, keeping your head in a fight, etc.

  • And Kira could train her on how to handle Strike, also serve as some bonding time 

Then she'd start using the Strike to vent her hatred on the battlefield, she gets too attached to the Strike, even possessive because of her hatred. It gets her hurt on the field, really hurt, and then while she's comatose, Kira gets fucked up by Athrun. 

By the time she wakes up, they're in ORB, and Kira's also comatose.

  • Her arc never shoulda been using kira to kill the coordinators, that's just making her passive. Get HER ACTIVE, and give her a personal stake in the fight by getting her in a Skygrasper or a Suit.

Picture it: During Episode 33, her skygrasper gets shot down by Rau, she's taken and LITERALLY the same exact death can happen. Just everything before can get overhauled. OR she dies to Providence in a Astray trying to keep up with Kira fighting Rau 2v1.

  • And it can be revealed she was pregnant with Kira's little one, just for that extra emotional kick in the balls


Relena & Dianna, despite having the typical politician role, at some point they picked up a gun ready to blast a mf to kingdom come because they wanted them put down; That's ACTIVE. 

Flay was literally there to give up some cheeks & cause trouble; And when she got it together, she dies, what a waste.

Trash, another character casualty of the SEED franchise.

TurkishStatham Oct 10, 2021

Loved her redemption arc, it's a shame she wasn't allowed to live long enough to give all the apologies she wanted to, and just live past the end of the war.

TheIllIntent Nov 11, 2018

Flay Allster sure appealed to Westerners, huh? :P

It's a shame, since I think she's an awesome character.

randomguy87 May 24, 2018

Probably the most memorable character of the series for the wrong reasons.

DoodlebugFour Sep 18, 2017

Obsessive THOT who dosen't even live up to her word on killing Jesus Stu.